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Support & FAQs – Mind Trainers


Please visit the following page for all information regarding where to download, how to install and what the requirements are.

Now available for MS Outlook.

We may also be offering a free trial for MS Office 365 products soon so watch this space …

No but we will be releasing other games, puzzles and challenges later on.

NOTE: If you want a specific (or favorite) game, just let us know via the wishlist and we’ll see what we can do to add it for you sometime!


Please visit the following page for a free 7 day trial for MS Outlook

We may also be offering a free trial for MS Office 365 products soon so watch this space …


We’ve tried very hard to make our solution as useful and cost effective as possible.

So we keep a “wish list” where you can submit all your requests at any time.

Our team use this list for all development so there is a big chance that your wanted item may well show up in a future release.

Yes, we always listen and are grateful for any suggestions to improve our products and services.

Please use this form to submit your feature request.


  1. Some questions may be related to MS Office product itself – so check first and refer to Microsoft’s comprehensive online help system or ask them directly.
  2. If it’s definitely relating to our Add-In, the majority of questions will be already answered in this FAQ section which is dynamic and ever expanding so always check back here first.
  3. If not, then send us a support request using the form below detailing the problem – screenshots always help here as a picture speaks a thousand words.


  • Let us know your name and email in case we need to ask any questions or get clarification. Also, so we can perhaps let you know if and when we've been able to incorporate any of your wish list items in future releases
  • Please keep files sizes down to 1MB

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