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KanBan Task Board for MS Outlook

Stop Starting … Start Finishing – Get things done!

How much does unproductivity cost? Even the most productive workers waste 12 percent of their time at work each day.

Be more productive with this proven KanBan Task Board

Auscomp KanBan automatically displays all your MS Outlook Tasks in a clear, simple, visual task board. Best of all you can use Outlook’s inbuilt task management to assign and share tasks with people you work with.

Auscomp KanBan will help make your life easier and more rewarding by giving you a much simpler way of managing – and therefore, achieving – all your tasks, goals, jobs and projects.

Sub-Tasks / Tick-Lists

After installing Auscomp KanBan you can create sub tasks in EVERY outlook task!

Works with the following MS Outlook versions

MS Outlook 2010, 2013 & 2016 Desktop

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