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Clocks & Timers for MS Office 365

World Clock slider, Alarm clock, Stopwatch & Timers right at your fingertips & exactly where you need them.

Get exactly the right time around the world for those chats and meetings with this amazingly simple slider which pinpoints the local time equivalent.

Use the Stop Watch to time exactly how long it takes to do the project you’re working on for your time sheets.

Use the timer or alarm clocks to make sure that you don’t get that parking ticket or miss that all important meeting, presentation, appointment or date!

World Clock, Alarm Clock, Stopwatch & Timer
Clocks and Timers - World Clock

World Clock

Add the cities you want and see exactly what time it is over there. Move them around into the order you want them.

And now for the best bit … use the slider to instantly match up the most convenient time for that all important meeting, discussion, demonstration – or whatever you’re proposing to do or see across the World.

Examples of use:

  • Quick, efficient and far less embarrassing. Immediately find the best possible mutual discussion times across the global time zones. Avoid the email ping-pong, getting it wrong or the embarrassment of breaking someone’s sleep or calling at an inconvenient ‘after hours’ time.
  • Never miss a meeting or event. Need to let the world know when your event is occurring in their time zone? Or vice versa … need to know when to be online or available for an event that’s occurring in a different time zone?

Quick …Simple!


Create quick and simple reminders with just a couple of clicks for any important time slots. You can even set a sound alert if you wish which will come on when the “Times up” notification pops up

Examples of use:

  • Never forget. Don’t ever forget another meeting, presentation or training session again.
  • Stay healthy. Remind yourself to get up from your chair, stretch and move about to help keep your body and mind in top form.
  • Rehydrate. Don’t forget to have that all important drink of water to rehydrate. All too often we don’t drink enough water when focused on our work.

Almost endless uses & benefits… 

Clocks and Timers - Alarm
Auscomp Clocks and Timers -Alarm Times Up
Clocks and Timers - Stopwatch


Time yourself for how long you’ve been working on a particular document, project, call or break etc…Or time someone else perhaps if it’s not too politically incorrect to do so?!

Examples of use:

  • Accurate Records. Check the time you spend on work performed on any items for your timesheets, submissions and/or accounts etc…
  • Improve Outcome. See how long it takes to do certain tasks – then you can work on ways to improve and better them over time.

Easy as…!  


A perfect little productivity tool – Use little time slots (e.g. @ 25 min) to help you maintain a good state of effective work flow. Helps keep you aware of time rather than getting lost in it.

Examples of use:

  • Schedule work better. You’ll be able to be more productive in a day as it will help you schedule your time more wisely and effectively.
  • Motivate yourself. You’ll be giving yourself a subtle push of encouragement to perform as well as yesterday, if not better.
  • Manage distractions. By clearly designating time periods as for work and break, it helps you be more productive in your work and enjoy your breaks better.
  • Never miss an appointment. Set it so you know how much time you have to do certain tasks before your meeting …. Or even before your parking meter runs out.

Speed up and never miss a thing!

Clocks and Timers - Timer
Auscomp Clocks and Timers -Timer Times Up
Works with the following Office 365 products
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Word 2013 SP1+
Word 2016+
Word 2016 for Mac
Word Online

Excel 2013 SP1+
Excel 2016+
Excel 2016 for Mac
Excel Online

PowerPoint 2013 SP1+
PowerPoint 2016+
PowerPoint 2016 for Mac
PowerPoint Online

OneNote Online

Templates for OneNote
A medley of notebook/templates for MS OneNote. Estate Planner, Vault, Family Tree, Diary/Journal, Get Things Done and Kanban for OneNote.

More information ..

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