Add-Ins for MS Outlook and MS Office 365 – Word, PowerPoint & Excel

Imagine improving your mind, productivity and well-being (AND have a bit of fun on the side) all whilst working within your MS Office product(s) … because you can! 🙂

First Aid

5 in 1:
Resuscitation/CPR, Stroke
Soft Tissue Injury,
Asthma Attack & Burns/Scalds

Clocks & Timers

4 in 1:
World Clock with local time equivalent slider,
Alarm Clock,
Stopwatch & Timer

Mind Trainers

4 in 1:
2048, Puzzles, Sudoku & Connect-4
Challenge your working
memory & mental agility

KanBan Board

Your "Can Do"
Outlook Task Board

Office Helpers

4 in 1:
Unit Converter, Color Swatch,
Password &
Lorem Ipsum Generators