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Microsoft Developer Network®

Auscomp.com is proud to be a part of the ever expanding Microsoft Developer Network® (MSDN) – an organisation for, and made up of, developers who wish to use, enhance and remain up with all the very latest Microsoft® technologies and development trends. This network, created by Microsoft, provides developers like Auscomp with priority access to a comprehensive, and extensive, library of Microsoft product downloads, along with the latest development tools, platform and server technologies – all licensed for development, testing and deployment.

Our membership means that Auscomp can provide you with the best possible assurance that our products will perform with Microsoft offerings – in this case, programs offered in Microsoft Office®

Integration with Microsoft Office®

Auscomp’s range of Add-ins integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Office®. They’re all easily installed “Add-in” downloads which sit nestled neatly in either the main menu tool bar ribbon (like Auscomp KanBan), or in the Task Pane to the right for quick and easy access (like Auscomp’s Mind Training, Office Helper and Arcade Games etc…).

Eg: Auscomp KanBan for Microsoft Outlook®

Auscomp KanBan’s Tick List feature

Eg: Auscomp Vault Notebook Templates for Microsoft OneNote®OneNote Vault (Demo) - OneNote 2017-11-02 12.17.54

Auscomp Add-ins for Microsoft Office
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